Joseph Tyler Thomas

The TikTok Ban Is More Than Just TikTok

All of your data is at risk!

The Restrict Act being proposed in the US right now is more than just a "TikTok Ban". This bill features severe egregious violations to our right to privacy and freedom of speech. If this bill passes it will change the face of the internet forever.

If it's found out that you're using a VPN to access TikTok, you can be fined UP TO $250,000. On top of all of this, if you use a networked device that a million people also use, the US government will be able to access it any time they want without notifying you. This means your Ring camera for your door, any indoor security devices with a million users, and so, so much more. Contact your local representatives and ask them about their stance on the Restrict Act. Tell them you expect them to be unsupportive of the bill, and any attempt to pass this absurd legislation will result in your vote going to their opponent. Ask them if they're for or against our Constitution and the rights to privacy and freedom of speech it grants us that this bill would be in direct violation of.

There are 150 MILLION TikTok users in the US, but there are even more that just use the internet, and this affects ALL OF US; regardless of your political affiliation. Think about it this way: The US government will have access to your email, browsing history, personal messages, and posts. This will make it so much easier to hunt down people that ignore government censorship, and puts you in direct danger for speaking out about things like Trans rights, child labor laws, etc. We're all in danger if this passes.


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